Legal Aid Offices

Legal Aid Offices

Legal Aid Offices, Legal helpers, legal assistance firms and free legal assistants.

Legal professional available to help you settle your differences without going to court. Include Divorce Lawyers, Financial Neutrals, and Legal Advisors. If you need help settling a dispute related to Divorce, Family Law, or other issue, visit our site to find a member of the Collaborative Practice to help you.

The Office of Civil Legal Aid (OCLA) is an independent judicial branch agency. It is responsible for administration and oversight of state funds that are appropriated by the Legislature to provide civil (not criminal) legal aid services to low income people in Washington State.

The Office of Civil Legal Aid does not provide civil legal aid services directly. It is a contracting and oversight agency. The Office of Civil Legal Aid contracts with the Northwest Justice Project for the efficient and effective delivery civil legal aid services to eligible low income clients throughout the state.

The activities of the Office of Civil Legal Aid are overseen by an 11-member bipartisan Civil Legal Aid Oversight Committee.

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